Cohagan Engineering offers high precision, low cost production cnc turning. Production CNC Turning usually starts at 1000 pieces. Although we are equipped to handle lower quantities, Production CNC Turning is more cost effective to higher quantities between 1000 and 10,000 pieces.

To support the demands of Production CNC Turning Cohagan Engineering utilizes a Hardinge Cobra 51 CNC Lathe equipped with a LNS Servo Barfeeder combined with Automatic Parts Catchers and Chip Conveyors. The Hardinge makes short work of all production cnc turning runs and offers complete lights out machining capabilities. The lights out machining capability allows CEI to offer 24/7 productivity on it's production CNC Turning line thus lowering overall operating costs and minimizing down time while maximizing production rates thus lowering the costs of production to it's customers.

Hardinge Cobra 51